The Buck Institute on the Alzheimer’s Research Frontline

Date Posted:
Aug 18, 2015

Novato’s Buck Institute for Research on Aging is the subject of an in-depth, two-part feature on the search for effective Alzheimer’s Disease treatments in the North Bay Business Journal. With the direct costs of caring for Alzheimer’s patients projected to exceed $225 billion in 2015, and the potential drug-treatment market estimated at $10 to $20 billion, the Buck is on the forefront of a search for effective treatment, and greater understanding of the disease’s effects on the brain.

Dr. Dale E. Bredesen, the Buck’s first CEO, who returned to full-time research in 2008, is considered a pioneer in the research field. Dr Bredesen tells the Business Journal that he believes a new approach to treatment is required, citing traditional Chinese medicine’s approach to treating the patient’s body as “a whole symphony.” He notes, “We have to think of Alzheimer’s in a very, very different way. We need to bring eastern medicine, western medicine. There’s going to be a future new type of doctor — traditional Chinese doctor with the western doctor.”
To learn more about the Buck Institute’s work on Alzheimer’s, visit the North Bay Business Journal.