The North Bay Advantage

The North Bay has everything a biotech startup or life science company could want, and then some.

Looking for a life science opportunity? It's here. Need qualified workers? They're waiting. Hoping for a supportive tax structure? We have it. Want to be close to prestigious academic institutions? We are.

The entire region is geared to support growth in life sciences, from R&D right through to commercialization, all in a location that is attracting the best talent in the world.

The North Bay is at the leading edge of the rapidly growing global life sciences industry.


Connected to San Francisco by the Golden Gate Bridge, the North Bay features excellent transportation infrastructure and is perfectly positioned between UC San Francisco, UC Davis and UC Berkeley.

The Northern California climate and beautiful natural landscape is the inspiring and productive base for a diverse range of life science businesses already located in the region. From pharmaceutical companies to biotech research specialists and manufacturing units, the North Bay stands apart with a powerful cluster of like-minded businesses sharing investment in local infrastructure, facilities and talent.



In the North Bay, you'll find a highly-educated workforce. Over 54% of Marin County residents hold a bachelor's degree or higher, compared to the 31% California average.

In addition to residents drawn from some of the nation's top academic institutions, the North Bay is home to an education system that is committed to preparing the next generation of scientists and technologists.

Initiatives like the Northern California Career Pathway Alliance are creating partnerships between employers, secondary schools and community colleges, with an emphasis on STEM programs.

Talent Pool

The North Bay is home to a diverse, well-educated population, drawing from world-class academic institutions.

In addition, the presence of the Buck Institute and companies like Ultragenyx, BioMarin and Raptor Pharmaceuticals is a reflection of the area's ability to attract talent across the full spectrum of life science functions, from cutting-edge research to large-scale manufacturing.

"The North Bay has a well-educated labor market in place, and offers a lifestyle that is attractive to anyone considering relocating."

Robert Eyler, Chief Economic Advisor, North Bay Life Science Alliance

"I’ve rarely seen multiple counties in the North Bay rally around an economic development idea so quickly.”

Cost of Doing Business

Simply put, it costs less to do business in the scenic North Bay than in the San Francisco metropolitan area.

Office rents are, on average, 38% lower, industrial rents are 33% lower, apartment rental rates are 42% lower, single family home prices are 38% lower, and life science salaries are up to 44% less expensive.

Not only are there many attractive lifestyle reasons for locating in the North Bay, but the numbers add up for life science businesses.

Land Space

The North Bay features many desirable locations that are ripe for development opportunities.

When considering potential locations for your business, consider the fact that the Buck Institute was able to construct an architecturally-stunning, world-class facility that sits on 488 acres of beautiful North Bay countryside, in the foothills of Mount Burdell. From custom lab facilities to outstanding landscaping, the Buck Institute shows just how much is possible in the region.

Businesses seeking room to grow, in locations where world-class talent can enjoy exceptional lifestyle benefits, increasingly look to the North Bay for smart solutions.

The North Bay offers impressive locations for facilities that would be unaffordable elsewhere

Experienced Support Network

The North Bay offers a welcoming environment for new and relocating businesses, with engaged and enthusiastic support amongst government development personnel. You'll also find experienced realtors, ready to work with you to find the perfect location, and experts in sustainable construction, ready to collaborate in the creation of state-of-the-art facilities.

The NBLSA is here to connect you with existing businesses, construction experts, local development organizations and more. The region is working together to support you in a move to the North Bay.


The North Bay is leading the way in life science research. The Buck Institute for Research on Aging is a prime example, as the first independent biomedical research institute in the U.S. devoted solely to research on aging and age-related disease.

In addition, several prestigious academic institutions are peppered throughout the region, allowing unique opportunities for collaboration, and providing a direct line to talent from research programs.

As a result, many distinguished researchers have elected to make their home in the North Bay, where they enjoy not only its natural beauty and its communities, but its convenience to life science companies and university programs.

You'll be rubbing shoulders with other world-leading companies

Government Incentives

The North Bay Life Science Alliance is working closely with government agencies and life science companies to take advantage of allowable tax benefits. The results are paying off.

Recently two companies located in the North Bay Region were awarded tax credits by the California Competes Committee totaling more than $2 million dollars.

Who's Here

As a life science business, you'll find yourself in good company in the North Bay.

The Buck Institute and Genentech are just two internationally known organizations based in the North Bay. In Novato, Buck neighbor Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical is blazing a trail in the field of treatments for rare genetic diseases. With commercial operations in over forty countries, BioMarin is proud to call San Rafael home. Half the world's pipettes are manufactured by Petaluma-based Labcon, who are welcoming the UK's Synergy Health to open a facility at one of Labcon's Petaluma sites.

"It's absolutely possible to make Marin a mecca for biotech."

Larry Gerrans, CEO, Sanovas


The North Bay is where life science meets lifestyle. Beautiful rolling hills, stunning coastlines, quaint downtowns and great schools are just some of the things that draw people to live and work in the North Bay.

For those who love the great outdoors, the North Bay offers an abundance of recreation and leisure opportunities, from world-class mountain biking trails and golf courses to beaches and nature trails. The North Bay is also at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, with countless opportunities to eat well, locally, and enjoy many of the world's finest wineries.

Close enough to enjoy everything San Francisco has to offer, yet so different in so many ways, the North Bay lifestyle is one of the biggest reasons that companies who want to attract top-tier talent call the North Bay home.