The Start Up Perspective

LabCures is a startup that seeks to connect the world to medical research, using a crowdfunding model that lets people fund individual laboratories and research projects. The company, which is based at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, demonstrates that the benefits of regional proximity and redevelopment initiatives extend not only to relocating companies, but to locally-grown startups too.

CEO Odie Fakhouri describes the advantages of their Novato location. “As the North Bay continues to root and acquire life science initiatives it will include itself in network effects of other powerful, complementary Bay areas. Every advantageous project needs a technician, engineer, or scientist within their core leadership and I believe the North Bay has the potential to lead the world in this expertise. Cultivating the leading researchers near the world's greatest venture community is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to build health science companies capable of altering human health.”

LabCures is doing its part to connect the North Bay research community with broader communities online, with many of their featured projects coming from institutions headquartered locally. Odie comments, “It allows us to be on the forefront of disease research and reduces the turnaround time for us to deliver it to its ultimate stakeholder - the crowd.”

"The life sciences is not just an academic or private industry sector - its a subject matter that families of every nation are yearning to learn more about, in order to empower themselves to make informed decisions regarding their health."

"As this becomes increasingly the trend, technology companies in the health sciences, like LabCures, have the opportunity to create a reallocation of value for everyone, everywhere.”