Green Business is Good Business

Mike Lynch is a seasoned construction industry veteran, working at a national firm specializing in highly complex and sustainable projects. He understands the needs of life sciences companies and has the experience to address them.

DPR Construction worked with Genentech on their Vacaville site, and he recognizes that their 427,000 square foot development—one of the world's largest biotechnology manufacturing plants for the large-scale production of pharmaceutical proteins from mammalian cells—has been a catalyst for much of the development in the region that followed. Currently, for example, DPR is building an 85,000 sq. ft. R&D facility and a 646 parking space garage in San Rafael for BioMarin.

“Experience is invaluable, as there’s a lot of commonality in the projects we work on. Life sciences projects come under the overview of the FDA, and you’re considering that at every stage of the project. You’re following their CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. People know our company has the experience to deal with this.”

In addition to having experience working in highly-regulated fields, Mike and his colleagues at DPR Construction are able to address sustainability issues that are increasingly central to development.

“We have ‘green gurus’ within the company who provide support for projects, from the planning to the job site. We make sure that commitment to sustainability translates into something that is real and not just a paragraph in a brochure. For example, we’ll talk to the community about any sensitivities around a project, as we did for a project with BioMarin. It’s the right thing to do, but it’s also just good business. The life science industry can generate waste and educating those communities about how it will be handled, is important.”

These communities are, in their own way, central to the appeal of the North Bay as a destination for industry, as Mike notes, “Marin and the North Bay offers a unique quality of life that is not available in some other areas in the Bay Area. That’s a big asset to offer the talent you want to attract.”