High Quality of Life, Happy Employees

Novato City Manager Michael Frank is a strong proponent of the power of the North Bay lifestyle to attract and retain employees. “Simply put, all the business incentives in the world would not in themselves lock a top-tier life science company into a location, if that location was unattractive to the kind of talent that a company needs to succeed.

In the North Bay, we’re blessed with an environment and lifestyle that’s unrivaled in the Bay Area. You have people who have studied at Universities all around the Bay Area, getting a world class education. And if they’re not already living in the North Bay then, at some point, most of them will have travelled across the Golden Gate Bridge, whether they’re visiting Muir Woods or wine country, or exploring the coastline."

"Visitors like what they see, and when the opportunity arises, many of them choose to make a home in the North Bay.”

Michael points to surveys like the one published by real estate website Movoto, that named Marin as California’s most livable county, based on factors like high median income, median home price and low unemployment rate. “When people look objectively at the lifestyle people in Marin County enjoy, it’s not surprising to see us singled out for this kind of recognition.”

A recently commissioned independent survey, published by the City of Novato, shows a remarkable 93% of respondents rate Novato’s quality of life as “excellent” or “good.” Michael comments, “Novato prides itself on a tradition of community engagement, fiscal accountability and the delivery of excellent, quality of life services. But we’re not resting on our laurels. It’s important that we continue to solicit feedback from the community, to maintain that quality of life, and that’s the kind of listening governance that people in the life sciences industry are going to experience as they consider the many benefits of being based in the North Bay.”