Gearing Up For Growth

“When looking for where the growth in jobs will be in the coming decades, it is easy to see that it will be in the life sciences sector.” So says Cynthia Murray, who represents an organization that has over twenty years’ experience in employer-led public policy advocacy in the North Bay, representing 44 select employers and a workforce in excess of 25,000.

Ongoing improvements in public education is top priority for the North Bay Leadership Council, including a focus on increased readiness for college and careers. Cynthia notes, “the North Bay is well positioned to capitalize on growing the life sciences sector because we have the educated workforce with local universities and colleges producing more graduates with degrees in life sciences in addition to the backbone of life science companies like BioMarin, Genentech, and Medtronic, and the ability to compete for companies given our lower land costs and room for companies to expand.”

"The North Bay wants to seize the opportunity of being a hub for the life sciences."

As President of the Leadership Council, Cynthia is well placed to recognize the spirit of collaboration that is driving the efforts of the NBLSA, reflecting that, “the North Bay wants to seize the opportunity of being a hub for the life sciences and its elected officials, business leaders, educators and communities are ready to welcome them here.”