Buck-Based Unity Biotechnology in the News

Date Posted:
Mar 22, 2016

Unity Biotechnology, the startup company launched by the Novato-based Buck Institute, has been profiled in depth by the North Bay Business Journal and featured in life sciences news site Xconomy.com. Talking to the business journal, Unity CEO Nathaniel ‘Ned’ David discussed specific therapeutic targets in Unity’s quest to tackle ailments associated with aging, noting that “Osteoarthritis is the primary reason it hurts to be old. Imagine if it didn’t hurt to be old.”

With an estimated global population of 1.5 billion over the age of 65 by the year 2050, Unity is focused on tackling cellular senescence, the cause of many diseases of aging. David notes, “If we technically succeed, this will impact everyone in a deeply personal way. That’s pretty cool. This is a drug where almost everybody you know will take it after they’re 30.”

To learn more, please visit the Unity Biotechnology website.