BioMarin Expansion Approved by San Rafael City Council

Date Posted:
Oct 21, 2015

San Rafael-based BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. recently won approval from the San Rafael City Council to proceed with an ambitious expansion of their existing presence in the City. The company, known for developing and commercializing pharmaceuticals for rare diseases and medical conditions, is now set to build a 54-foot tall, four-story, 72 thousand square foot office building in the San Rafael Corporate Center, the downtown San Rafael campus where it maintains its corporate headquarters.

A spokesperson for the North Bay Life Science Alliance noted that, “BioMarin is a leader in bringing jobs to the North Bay life science economy, which has a positive knock-on effect for life science businesses of all sizes, locally. In approving this plan to expand BioMarin’s headquarters, the San Rafael Planning Commission and City Council are reflecting the desire of local communities, businesses and government to support the success of life science industries in the North Bay.”

For more information, please visit the BioMarin website.

Image Credit CCCA, LLC